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Dear Friends,

If a lot of our current problems around water are at issue because of past practices, then should we not stop those practices immediately? Is it too difficult to pause long enough to learn, understand and comprehend what we are doing day to day, moment by moment, year in and year out? For most of us, our continuing education has been informed by our favorite TV show that tells us what is going on and how we are powerless to do anything. The forces of the powerful are too much for us to deal with. Not wanting to face environmental reality is a conditioning of many who were taught to disregard the Earth as a living entity, where life was abundant, supported, and all we had to do was tend to the needs of the garden. Told to look away to the sky, few noticed what was going on around them. And if they noticed once in a while it was easy to dismiss, it did not matter as this was not Eden.

So we turned a blind eye to what was going on around us. Others did not matter, only our own survival. Great wisdom was passed on through community family units until they were broken up. Practical information on how to live as community was lost, there was nothing left to learn from, guides became few.

It would not be too hard to argue that the reality of the cumulative impact on the planet - the planet all depend upon for the very sustenance of life - has been the result of earths people distracted from the job of tending. It seems that once again humans have become enslaved by a system where you have to work for the power people, in order to raise the cash needed to pay tax for your very existence. Fed with false information, it is easy to fall prey to ignorant choices. No choice at all, really.

How different our world would be if life were honored as a blessing of continuance, and all were recognized for the great capacity humans have for love, a bliss possible to experience. However, it is the norm to denigrate this reality, with no praise for the perfection of all life.

It would be an easy bet to win that most people are not aware that each being is blessed with gifts of talent and skills that when exercised are a perfect fit within the needs of your family, community, world. Instead humans were severed from the common experience of living in harmony with the Earth and sought to control Mother Nature. Falling for this premise, people have become enslaved by the material world with its greed, jealousy and hatred, an unbalanced inner being. The result is all around us as we continue to tear apart the very fabric of life.

Attending water discussions at the Mendocino Board of Supervisors, it became obvious that sheer ignorance lays in the groundwork being laid to take even more water out of the Eel River by some Mendocino interests. The people from Ukiah and its valleys are well studied and articulate, and pleaded for support from their own representatives not to let their Ukiah community and surrounding fertile valleys be taken over by large corporate interests. I was shocked that Supervisor Wattenberger would not stand with his constituencies or up hold his campaign promise of protecting the populace from such action. The political block created by Wattenberger, Delbar and Pinches is set to hand the big corporate developers Mendocino County on a silver plate, including water from all its wild and scenic designated rivers, large and small. I wonder if these supervisors understand how much they reveal about themselves by their actions. Mendocino has a real problem that is likely to be very costly.

Friends of the Eel River presented their concerns to the Mendocino Board of Supervisors, standing with the national organization American Rivers, the state organization Friends of the River, and the local Willits Environment Center, letting the county know that there would be both statewide and nationwide legal actions stopping them from taking apart the Wild and Scenic Rivers Acts, both State and National. Delbar made jokes with Pinches as this presentation was being made, once again showing total disregard and respect for anyone speaking in opposition to them. This is a very sad state of affairs for that fair county as the water issues may be decided with out their input. The county was told they would get no water rulings in their favor from the State without a water plan, or conservation and efficiencies in place.

If this is reflective of the kind of thinking from the past, when Mendocino lost its water to Sonoma, then Mendocino will once again be overrun by smarter folk with money and power to do as they wish, local residents be damned. This is no laughing matter as the very quality of life in inland Mendocino is at stake. If you, dear reader, care at all about this county then you must rise to the occasion and stand with those who are working for a sustainable, economically healthy and well-balanced community. After listening to the various organizations in Ukiah and its surroundings I have the greatest regard for their clear thinking and understanding of the presence in their midst intent on destroying all they hold dear. In this issue the article Dos Rios Extraction is compiled from many letters to that countys Board of Supervisors. Additional information can also be gathered by contacting the Ukiah Valley Smart Growth Coalition, visiting their website at http://www.ukiahsmartgrowth.org or by email at smartgrowthuk@yahoo.com.

Please note our back cover with an invitation to our exciting general membership gathering October 20th at the grand Mateel Community Center in Redway. This issue carries the article about Sonoma County General Plan since it applies to all counties, it is a must read. You will also find articles about wonderful happenings at our new River Center in Fortuna, and reports from a few river clean-up efforts in many parts of this massive river system. Articles about the ongoing river clean-ups reveal a new level of threat to our drinking water and the health of our rivers by the new and increasing number of homeless drifting about this country. The numbers of people falling through the cracks and the effects on the watershed are staggering.

Respectfully yours,

Note: The next article needs your immediate response. This is an action alert.